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On a theme of riches clever books in which are incorporated knowledge of many generations of the richest people of a planet are written many. What it would be desirable to make after mastering by this remarkable knowledge? Correctly, to test them in practice. However remember, that the lessons, concerning monetary sphere, in the real world to you can cost very expensively. Through it, by the way, there have taken place many rich people. There is a way easier and more pleasantly - games in money. The most well-known game on this theme - CashFlow 101 from American millionaire Robert Kiosaki, the author of the best seller "the Rich daddy, the poor daddy". All over the world adults and children play Cashflow to understand principles of investment and capital investment, to use this knowledge in a life. This game was created to train people to become owners of money and to develop financial intelligence. Cashflow 101 allows to develop thinking in a context of investment and thus it is calculated on everything irrespective of, whether is at you money and experience or not.

Game teaches how think of 10 % of the people owning of 90 % of all riches in the world for the riches are a mentality, instead of the size of the bank account. And you can generate this warehouse of thinking, if will play on a regular basis game. Game begins with a level when you have a stable work and the salary. Further you should pass a way, which there have passed many businessmen to excel.

Creation of Kiosaki - something much greater, than easier game. Cashflow serves some kind of a call, trains and forces to think how rich people think. Each time, playing this game, you will get more and more and more than financial skills, and in parallel with this your confidence of financial affairs will get stronger.

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