Cutting Family Living TRANSPORTATION Expenses

  • Have your tires inflated appropriately. Inflate your tires 2-4 lbs. above the recommendation in the owner's manual, but not to exceed maximum pressure indicated on the side of the tire. Check your tires as the weather changes. Under-inflation causes them to wear out too soon and lowers gas mileage. Your best tires should be on the front of the vehicle; rotate tires as indicated in your owner's manual.

  • Buy oil and windshield washer solvents from a discount center and learn how to check and change them in your car.

  • Use self-service stations to pump gas at reduced prices.

  • Learn to do minor repairs and maintenance by studying manuals, reading books, and observing others as they work on autos and trucks. Trade services.

  • Use a bike for short-distance transportation. Good exercise will keep you healthy and may reduce medical expenses.

  • When buying a car, consider cost of gas and repairs as well as the initial price.

  • Have a used car checked by reputable mechanics before purchasing it.

  • Use public transportation, if available, or organize a carpool.

  • Protect against salt and rust by keeping a clean undercoating.

  • Save on fuel with good driving habits.

  • Plan trips to make best use of your transportation dollar.

  • Walk whenever you can.

  • Leasing a car may save money.

Adapted from material produced by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Nebraska, March 1991.

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